Aivomata commissions

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March commissions limited to Character pages (flat colored) and Full colored pieces.
All pricings are the base. Large amount of details and things like wings may add to the price.
If there's any questions feel free to ask.

Full body
BW: 30€
Grayscale/Flat color: 40€

Character page
Page with 5 images (2 full body)
BW/Grayscale: 80€
Flat color: 130€

Full color
Fully colored and shaded piece. Textured brush lineart.

Bust: 55€ | Full body: 70€

Extra character: 40€ | BG: 25€ - 40€

Fully colored and shaded piece. Solid lineart and clean rendering.

Bust: 100€ | Full body: 140€

Extra character: 60€ | BG: 50€-90€

Character design
Base price includes a single view of the character nude or with a simple outfit/accessories.

Artist freedom: 50€
Client decides the gender, bodytype andup to 5 words that will be used when designing the character. Everything else is up to the artist.
Custom: 80€
All the designs details are given by the client.

Outfit design: Currently closed

Reference sheet: Currently closed