Aivomata commissions

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Lineart | Full color | Render | Design workAll pricings are the base. Large amount of details and things like wings may add to the price.
If there's any questions feel free to ask.

Full body
BW: 30€
Grayscale/Flat color: 40€

Character page
Page with 5 images (2 full body)
BW/Grayscale: 80€
Flat color: 130€

Full color
Fully colored and shaded piece. Textured brush lineart.
Bust: 55€ | Full body: 70€Additions:
Extra character: 40€ | BG: 25€ - 40€

Fully colored and shaded piece. Solid lineart and clean rendering.
Bust: 100€ | Full body: 140€Additions:
Extra character: 60€ | BG: 50€-90€

Character design
Base price includes a single view of the character nude or with a simple outfit/accessories.
Artist freedom: 70€
Client decides the gender, bodytype and up to 5 words that will be used when designing the character. Everything else is up to the artist.
Custom: 100€
All the designs details are given by the client.
Reference sheet: Basic sheet 80€
(complex characters will cost extra)
Basic sheet contains:
-Front view or a 3/4 view
-Headshot, front view or 3/4 view (no extreme expressions)
Outfit design: Currently closed